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Tri suit woman ACTIVE 2017
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Aerodynamic tri suit. A highly stretchable material and flat seams guarantee the utmost in comfort. TEFLON finishes make this product completely water-repellent and decrease friction while swimming.  It has a LYCRA and silicone band around the trouser leg. Fluorescent colors increase visibility and offer a safer ride when you take to the road. This tri suit offers unparalleled performance for the most demanding races and is specially designed to fit women like a glove.

Technical specifications Tri suit woman ACTIVE 2017

  • Usage

    Frequent, extended use in the most demanding conditions

    Weather conditions
    • Warm temperatures

      Designed for moderately warm weather

      • PLATINUM is a kind of LYCRA fabric specially designed for triathletes. Ultralight, highly...

        PLATINUM is a kind of LYCRA fabric specially designed for triathletes. Ultralight, highly elastic and resistant to chafing, it offers excellent compression, helping to stave off muscle fatigue. This material is ultra-breathable and features a TEFLON outer layer for the utmost in water repellence. It is also lightweight and quick-drying.


  • Aerodynamic tri suit. This garment features the highly stretchable T130 fabric, which wicks away moisture to keep your skin dry. To top this off, a TEFLON outer layer offers the utmost in water repellence, a key component which helps triathletes to glide easily through the water. LYCRA and silicone rubber hold the tri suit in place on your trouser leg and make for optimal support. The chamois pad is thin and lightweight, making it ideal for a triathlon. Its design keeps you protected and comfortable while cycling and passes completely unnoticed while swimming and running. This tri suit features flat seams for the utmost in comfort and an attractive look. With T130 material providing excellent protection against ultraviolet radiation.  Sublimation printing keeps colors from fading over time and with wear, and all ink used in the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. This tri suit offers unparalleled performance for the most demanding races and is specially designed to fit women like a glove.


  • Washing instructions

    Machine wash cold (30º maximum water temperature). Rinse thoroughly. Do not spin dry. Do not dry clean. Do not use bleach. Use mild soap. Do not use fabric softener. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron.

  • Anatomic cut

    This garment is designed to fit the human body perfectly, conforming to your body’s contours during all different kinds of physical activity and guaranteeing excellent comfort and support.

  • UV Protection

    Le tissu garantit un excellent facteur de protection contre les rayons ultraviolets. Rang UPF50+

  • Elastic trim

    The trim is made from an elastic fabric at the edge of the collar and the armholes of the garment. It improves the garment's fit to the body and prevents any chafing

  • Round MAC grip

    Le round MAC est une pièce de LYCRA de 6 cm qui se place à l'extrémité de la jambe. À l'intérieur elle dispose de points en silicone hypoallergénique. Sa fonction principale est de bien ajuster le vêtement à la jambe afin qu'il ne perde pas sa position et qu'il ne gêne pas le sportif. Cette pièce augmente le confort et offre un design séduisant.

  • Non-chafing fabric

    This hard-wearing fabric provides good protection against chafing, which is very useful for outdoor sports and essential for mountain sports.

  • Flat seams

    Flat seams are designed to prevent rubbing or chafing. They feature an attractive design and offer the utmost in comfort.

  • Water-repellent fabric

    Water-repellent fabric is essential for triathletes, helping you slide through the water while swimming and dry off quickly after you get out of the water.


    Standard (Woman)

    This chamois pad ensures high performance and comfort after having been subjected to demanding tests by triathletes. Specially designed chamois pad to provide maximum performance and comfort. With its high-density foam and perforated fabric, it ensures high protection and ventilation with a slim profile. The chamois pad is highly elastic to meet the needs of each sport, and adjusts to all the athlete's positions.

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