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InverseINVERSE was founded under the name CIRO SPORT over 40 years ago. Our founder, Joaquim Sabaté i Dausà, was an active sportsman and the President of Esport Ciclista Barcelona, the Barcelona cycling organization. During his tenure as President, he organized over 900 events, including the Setmana Catalana de Ciclisme (Catalan Cycling Week) and the Escalada a Montjuïc (Montjuïc Climb).

Sabaté's strong connections to cycling allowed him to meet many professional cyclists and gain a firsthand understanding of their needs. After many years accumulating this knowledge and experience, Sabaté founded INVERSE in the '90s.

At INVERSE, we are pleased to offer high-quality apparel and are known for our use of cutting-edge materials as well as our original designs.

Cyclists are our raison d'être. Since our founding, we have crafted each and every item with the utmost in care, utilizing custom patterns and fabrics for different types of cycling (including road, track, mountain biking and downhill) and providing cyclists with high-performance gear for competitions. Later, we branched into other sports including triathlon, running and cross-country skiing.

Our in-house design, pattern, printing, cutting and manufacturing departments are pleased to craft customized, incredibly comfortable, attractive apparel guaranteed to meet the needs of even the most discerning customers. And every piece we produce undergoes strict quality control to guarantee that you will be satisfied.

Our focus on long-lasting quality has led many top athletes to choose INVERSE, and our products are now worn in over 25 countries. This growth has brought us into closer contact with our fans, who fill us in on the latest trends and developments, helping us to continue to offer products that are perfectly tailored to our customers.

INVERSE is committed to athletes and will continue to innovate, invent and improve the products we need for the sports we love.



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