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Cycling bib shorts SQUAD 2016 camu

These cycling bib shorts are crafted of highly stretchable COMPRESIVA IN 13 and offer great breathability. This material helps promote muscle recovery and improve blood flow to your muscles. Thanks to their light weight, they allow for excellent freedom of movement. The TOUR chamois pad is perfect for long periods of physical activity and for the most demanding races, while the cycling bib shorts feature mesh bib straps for increased comfort and a LYCRA and silicone band around the trouser leg. Fluorescent colors increase visibility and offer a safer ride when you take to the road. These bib shorts are ideal for every type of cycling, especially long-distance races.

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Cycling bib shorts SQUAD 2016 camu


These cycling bib shorts are crafted of highly stretchable LYCRA COMPRESIVA IN 13 and offer great breathability. This fabric wicks away moisture and leaves your skin nice and dry while cycling. LYCRA plays an important role in promoting muscle recovery, improving blood flow to your muscles and preventing lactic acid build-up. A triple-density TOUR chamois pad provides the utmost in comfort during long periods of physical activity. The outer layer of the chamois pad is antibacterial and wicks away perspiration completely, minimizing chafing and skin irritations. Mesh bib straps on these bib shorts conform perfectly to the contours of your body and are completely perforated to decrease perspiration, and a tagless care label is sublimated into the bib straps on these bib shorts to avoid irritation. LYCRA and silicone rubber hold the shorts in place on your trouser leg and make for optimal support, while LYCRA COMPRESIVA IN 13 provides excellent protection against ultraviolet radiation. Sublimation printing keeps colors from fading over time and with wear, and all ink used in the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. The highest-friction areas feature unsublimated, original LYCRA. These bib shorts are perfect for every type of cycling, especially long-distance races.

Data sheet


Frequent, extended use in the most demanding conditions

Extreme heat

Designed for extreme summer heat


LYCRA COMPRESIVA IN13 is highly elastic and helps to promote excellent muscle recovery. The material helps keep lactic acid levels under control, slowing muscle fatigue during physical activity. By applying pressure to your muscles, it limits the effect of venous pressure and prevents blood from pooling, improving blood flow.

Breathable fabric

Breathable fabrics offer excellent perspiration wicking and moisture management.

Non-chafing fabric

This hard-wearing fabric provides good protection against chafing, which is very useful for outdoor sports and essential for mountain sports.

Anatomic cut

This garment is designed to fit the human body perfectly, conforming to your body’s contours during all different kinds of physical activity and guaranteeing excellent comfort and support.

Round MAC component

The MAC component is crafted of Lycra and features an inner leg grip made of hypoallergenic silicone rubber (which is ideal for people with sensitive skin). The grip circles your entire leg, guaranteeing that your trousers fit perfectly and keeping them in the correct position with minimal stitching.

Mesh bib straps

Elastic mesh bib straps are designed for a perfect fit. Their fully perforated surface helps to wick away perspiration.

UV Protection

Le tissu garantit un excellent facteur de protection contre les rayons ultraviolets. Rang UPF50+

Washing instructions

Machine wash cold (30º maximum water temperature). Rinse thoroughly. Do not spin dry. Do not dry clean. Do not use bleach. Use mild soap. Do not use fabric softener. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron.

Tour (Men)
Tour (Men)

Field-tested by road cyclists and mountain bikers in the most demanding conditions, this chamois pad guarantees great performance and excellent comfort. Triple-density, anti-bacterial materials make this the perfect pad for long-distance cycling, while a thick, form-fitting design provides the utmost in comfort during the most challenging races



CHEST SIZE A 92 96 100 104 108 112 116
WAIST SIZE B 80 84 88 92 96 100 104
HIP SIZE C 96 100 104 108 112 116 120
THIGH SIZE D 48 49 50 51 52 53 54
HEIGHT E 166-170 170-174 174-178 178-185 185-188 189-192 192-196
LONG SHOT CULOTTE F 20,75 21,25 21,75 22,25 22,75 23,25 23,75

Measurement guidance hart(cm.)


CHEST SIZE A 90 94 98 102 104 106
WAIST SIZE B 74 78 82 84 86 88
HIP SIZE C 96 100 104 108 112 116
THIGH SIZE D 45 46 47 48 49 50
HEIGHT E 156-162 160-168 164-171 167-173 169-175 173-177
LONG SHOT CULOTTE F 19,5 20 20,5 21 21,5 22

Measurement guidance hart(cm.)


  10 12 3xs xxs xs
HEIGHT 114-127 127-140 140-145 146-151 152-158
WEIGHT 22-28 29-35 36-40 41-46 47-53

Measurement guidance hart(cm.)

Sock size

S 37 /39 4 / 5,5
M 40 /42 6,5 / 8
L 43 / 45 9 / 10,5
XL 46 / 48 11,5 / 13

Gloves size

xs 17 - 18 cm.
s 18 - 19,5 cm.
m 19,5 - 20,5 cm.
l 20,5 - 21,5 cm.
xl 21,5 - 23 cm.
xxl 23 - 25 cm.